commercial bottle coolers


  • No frost cooling system.
  • Fan assisted cooling. Ensures even temperature spread inside of the chiller and quicker pull down times
  • Self closing door(s). Minimises temperature disturbance and escape of cold air, ultra energy saving.
  • Integral lock(s) fitted as standard. Allows cabinet security when needed.
  • Pressure injected foam insulation. The maximum possible insulation ensures lowest possible energy wastage and increases the compressor’s lifespan
  • Mechanical temperature controller
  • Double-glazed glass door(s) for energy efficiency and maximum visibility
  • Fully adjustable shelves every 11mm. Provides the maximum number of merchandising options, irrespective of differences in pack sizes.
  • Fitted castors with brake
  • Full-length LED lights
  • Auto defrost with self-evaporating drip tray.


  • Sub Zero
  • Energy management system
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Options(available at additional cost)

  • Aluminium/stainless steel door frame
  • No canopy (C300/C400)
  • Sliding double doors
  • Solid door (C300/C400)
  • Danfoss compressor.
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husky product

husky product

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