customizable impulse chiller

The Husky Promo Cooler is a compact cardboard chiller small enough to fit in the trunk of a small car, yet its performance is comparable to conventional units, and it’s environmentally friendly too.

Interchangeable sleeves are made from disposable biodegradable cardboard. Sleeves are easy to swap, so you can tie your promo Cooler in to seasonal short run promotions, special offers or local trends, etc.

For example: cinemas can tie in with the latest blockbusters, brands can trial new lines, maybe a novelty display to commemorate a big match at a sports ground, or what a Promo Cooler stocking chilled wine next to gifts for St. Valentine’s Day?

The refrigerating components are all contained within this compact base unit, for you to add your own custom-branded sleeve.

The custom sleeve can be shipped to store as a flat unit, then assembles even by untrained staff.

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