Innovation, Concepts & OEM

The flexibility to produce custom designs of any product, or to fabricate entirely new concepts.

In addition to manufacturing its own equipments to world-class standards, Husky used spare capacity to produce goods for other Original Equipment Manufacturers- often becoming involved in the design and engineering processes to ensure exacting environmental standards are met.

Our talented in-house design team works with manufacturers on three continents to produce high quality, high visibility merchandise that works as brilliantly as it looks.

There are some very good reasons why other manufacturers turn to Husky for solutions – not least of which is Magnus Claesson, the group’s chief engineer and design guru, who is based in the global R&D centre at Varberg, Sweden.

Our specialists can take a drawing to prototype stage in six weeks and from there to full production in three months.

And because they provide a flexible and consistently superb service, they have worked with some of the world’s biggest brand names.